Welcome to Oziama International!  Your supplier of a broad range of food grade ingredients including starches, flours, salts, sugar, soy products, gluten, and other ingredients for large commercial food manufacturers in the Minnesota, Iowa, Northwestern Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.

As a major Cargill distributor, Oziama specializes in providing starches, maltodextrins, gluten, and soy products, as well as Cargill sugar and salt. Oziama has a full line of spices, flours, dehydrated onions and garlic, seeds, and food additives.  Oziama’s goal is to help you reduce your inventory carrying costs by combining multiple products on more frequent shipments.  We can optimize your supply chain management by tailoring our shipments to your manufacturing needs.

Oziama is committed to ensuring the quality of the products you order. We maintain full documentation and traceability of all products we supply.  We maintain up-to-date documentation on certifications; Kosher, lot analysis, specifications, nutritional, allergen, GMO, and other critical tracking to help ensure product quality.